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The Media Source Project

mediasource thumb  The Media Source Project is a multifaceted concept brought to reality by Green, Foster & Hale Publishing Group LLC, its contributors, its affiliates and its users. Its foundation is built on Media released over the past years through B1t Crunch3r, Gradient Audio and some of the Artists associated with them.
Its goal is to provide its contributors with protection for their intellectual property while still making it available to the End User for ‘Public Domain’, and ‘Some Rights Reserved’ use for their personal or commercial purposes. We strive to make the highest quality resources possible for artists of all ranges of experience to use to advance their creative projects. In a similar capacity we provide music to our users for use on a strictly ‘non-commercial’ basis unless permission is secured by the user with the content rights holder(s). Additionally we offer production tips from established artists for the purpose of education which may only be used off site under ‘fair use’ terms. You can find out more about them on the web at…  http://mediasourceproject.com    Soundcloud    Facebook