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GRD067 – Love The Cook – Petroleum / Crescendo


Artist: Love The Cook
Album Title: Petroleum / Crescendo
Release Date: August 11th, 2014
Catalog Number: GRD067

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Audio Samples:

01. Petroleum

02. Crescendo



Review courtesy of Juno

“Love The Cook. Where the grub is grubby and the tucker is tight. Building on the momentum of “Critical” on Lutetia Dubz last month, here we find the duo exploring their creative potential even further. “Petroleum” lives up to its liquid connotations as the ever-growing drums slink with water-drop reverberations and the pad-heavy groove ebbs and flows like a mild incoming tide. Deeper again, “Crescendo” shows the duo on a much crisper, tech-minded flex as a springy synthetic riff springs around the dynamic with a subtle sense of unpredictability. With the low-end mirroring this riff as the track matures, there’s a great sense of development throughout as the title suggests. Tuck in!”