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-X-Zero started experimenting with making music around 1999 with Music 2000 on the PlayStation. It was from these early experiments that he knew what he wanted to do. Soon after, he got a PC and Fruity Loops, and didn’t look back. He started off creating many styles, but his first love, Drum and Bass, reared its ugly head. For 5 years he locked himself away to hone his craft. He is now at the point in his production where he is happy with what he can produce and wants to inflict his sound on as many ears as he can. He likes productions where all the elements compliment each other. He likes to infuse atmosphere and dark, sci-fi vibes to his productions. Techy leads, modulated bass lines and funky rolling drums add to the recipe, although on some tracks, he goes for a more soulful, clean sound. Music to him is about emotion, soul and atmosphere. He likes music that takes you on a journey, music that conjures images in your mind when you listen, music with energy, funk and groove, music that makes you want to move your body in mysterious ways!