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-SHURESHOTZ ( born Jochen Schibetz 1975 ) is a german ambient and dubstep producer who started off making electronic music at the age of 17. Being educated in playing the guitar and piano he soon took advantage of modern music programming and sampling and found his love for detail in sound. Coming from a psychedelic rock orientated background he started to work for several music stores, soaking up everything concerning Audio Processing, Synth Programming, Mixing and Mastering.
After years of programming a lot of beats in genres like Trip Hop, Ambient, Rock, Goth and Drum n Bass he decided to make everything as mobile as possible and switched to a very tiny studio setup, completely based on software, a pair of headphones and a macbook pro, now being able to perform at any place anytime …By that time the project SHURESHOTZ was born. Spending a lot of time with sampling all the way through he collected a huge pack of sampled atmos, Sounds and drums which still are used on nearly every SHURESHOTZ production.
His main musical influence is hidden somewhere between Soul, RnB, Rock, Scores and Ambient Electronic Music. Always focussing on moving atmos, deep and melancholic Moods and sharp cutting Beats. After listening to a lot of DnB and Liquid in the late 90s and early 2000 the logical progression was to sneak deeper into the dubstep scene which immediately opened a new world in sound as well as space. The first SHURESHOTZ dubstep release dropped in 2009 and was followed by several digital releases including 2 EPs and some Compilation Releases in 2009 and 2010.
Shureshotz is hitting the lighter tones of the genre with a big focus on ambience. mood and melody but still remaining that dark energy of blasting drums and deep basslines.