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-Savaran is Mark Walters from Wales in the UK. After developing an early interest in electronic music in the mid 1980’s he moved away from the music scene to develop a career as an Archaeologist. In 2008 he returned to music and started recording new material in the ambient, experimental and soundscaping genres. He lives on the Welsh border near Shrewsbury. His music is a mix of ambient, electro-acoustic, experimental, soundscaping and electronic styles. The tracks are created on a variety of software and hardware synthesisers and also utilise field recorded material which has been subtly interwoven into many of the sounds.
His ambient tracks have a rich, deep and haunting quality which paint pictures in sound of mysterious landscapes and unexplored horizons. In contrast with these more placid works there are occasionally more rhythmic and beat driven tracks which span a range of styles from pure experimental to ethnotronic.
His first release was a single track on the collaborative Music for Haiti charity CD put together by Hofa Media on the House Master Records label in Germany in February 2010. The debut allbum Strange Landscape followed in May 2010 on the Wasamix netlabel and collects together some of his earlier forays into the ambient scene including the popular Childs Play and Hokkaido tracks. Savaran is also part of the Ember Music netlabel roster of artists and will be releasing a collaborative album on that label later in the 2010. The latest EP release Microcosmos on the Gradient Audio label presents his most recent work. The four tracks demonstrate a move toward more complex layered and evolving soundscapes which can be bold and cinematic like Solar or minimalist and minutely observed like the title track Microcosmos.