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-Before Drum N Bass, Death Metal and Black Metal were Logam’s obsessions. At the age of 12 he received his first guitar and from that day on nothing except music really mattered to him…at all. Shortly afterwards he discovered the fun in playing multiple instruments. Bass, Piano, and Drums were then added to the roster of musical abilities. Riff structure, speed, accuracy, timing, groove, difficulty, and catchiness were all the elements that lead to his worshipping and idolizing of Metal musicians.
In 1994, at the age of 15, he started a Metal Band called Unblessed in Atlanta GA. For the next 8 years, Unblessed continued to become one of the best Death Metal bands in Atlanta, playing shows with the likes of Dying Fetus, Immolation, Nile, Monstrosity, Cryptopsy, Divine Empire, Gorguts, Vader, All out War, and more. Unfortunately, due to schooling and the irregular flow of life, the band split up in 2003. Logam refused to give up his obsession with music just because his band had dissolved. While attending Culinary school in Rhode Island, most of his free time was spent exploring the world of producing, engineering, and sequencing. Starting with Vegas Video 4, Logam recorded/wrote his own material and planned on reemerging in the metal scene shortly after school.
However, he eventually became bored with Metal and started looking for other styles of music. He had a slight interest in Electronic music and started making songs in Reason 2.5, making remixes of old Mega Man songs and Night Rider. In 2006, Logam was introduced to Drum N Bass by a few of his friends. After hearing the “Pack of Wolves” remix by Pendulum, he knew he had found his new home. Within months of hearing DNB, he bought his first set of turntables. He now produces Drum N Bass, Dubstep, Hip Hop, and Experimental tunes and has just started his own label called SANTOKU RECORDS. His first show was on Feb 25, 2008 opening for Mayhem. He is currently a Producer/DJ on SANTOKU RECORDS, Black Reign LTD, Ocean Breeze Digital, Corinthian Recordings, Nerve Agent Recordings, Public Records, Gradient Audio, and is affiliated with 404audio. ..