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Kasket is Charlie Baldwin, born in South London, based in Berlin. Son of world renowned jazz guitarist Ray Russell, Charlie and his older brother grew up within the world of music. Cutting their teeth as performers from an early age, they played sessions and tours with Matt Berry and Geno Washington, as well as playing alongside the likes of Ralph Salmins, Gary Husband, Mo Foster and David Hentschel.

At age 16, Charlie began to translate his knowledge to the sequencer. Garage and Dubstep led his initial explorations, culminating in the release of ‘4her’ on Screwloose Records. 2012 saw a change in direction, shifting the UK-centric sounds of his early work into combination of found sound, IDM and ambient, which quickly found its way into the hands of R&S sister-label Apollo, who went on to release the ‘August Fades’ EP in the same year.

The eclecticism of Apollo Records proved to be a catalyst for Charlie to best realize the sum of his parts, demonstrated in his next two EP’s for the label, ‘Warm Regards’ and ‘Where Is Alice’ in 2013 and 2014 respectively, both further excavating his talent for Jazz and Funk glazed with references to prog, psych and ambient.

In his latest EP for the label, ‘Egal’, Kasket channels the spirit of Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart, Primus, Aphex Twin and Miles Davis- from the peyote soaked, low slung title track with it’s tune in drop out vocal refrain, to the wide eyed percussive work out ‘Eric’s Jam’, to the lysergic, breakbeat freneticism of ‘Hollywood’ latin groover ‘Wait For It’, which has already proven a sultry yet hypnotic dancefloor detonation for forward thinking DJs.