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High Dude

high dude150(FRANCE)

21 year old Lohan a.k.a High Dude started music with a guitar at the age of 8. As a teenager he oscillates between rock and metal, influenced by his instrument. Nearing adulthood, he discovered electronic music, exciting at first to electro. His life changes forever when he hears for the first time the sounds of dubstep. First starting to produce electro, he slipped quickly to dubstep, also trying glitch-hop, searching for his own style. Finally, it is in the deep dubstep that High Dude finds his way. Always looking for different tones, he tries to break the monotony of a style that is repeated constantly and does not change. After working primarily in 140 BPM, he is now trying other rhythms, experimenting between 130 and 170.
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