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-Grym’s passion for drum & bass began in 1996 when he discovered the sound at an underground party in Washington DC. A love for hip hop coupled with an affection for electronic music naturally resulted in a strong interest in drum & bass and dubstep. By 2000, he was cutting his teeth as a DJ in the Seattle circuit. Two years later, Grym, along with other like minded friends, concocted a drum & bass weekly which would become a staple in the Seattle scene- ONSET. Since then, the night has grown into an internationally acclaimed event running eight years strong and has spawned a successful digital label, Onset Audio.

Known for his dark, techy, and hip hop influenced sets, Grym has spun alongside almost every major player in the drum & bass game. More recently, Grym has turned his attentions towards pushing the dubstep sound, producing tracks with Shift Recordings collaborators TZR, Surpass, and Dubtek. With the label in full swing, an arsenal of unreleased tunes in his hands, consistent local bookings and gigs from New York to LA, Hawaii to Alaska, Grym has cemented his place as an important player in Seattle’s underground music scene.