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The pacific northwest is home to musical legends, progressive happenings, masterpieces and among them hails the techy, deep and audacious music emanating from the young soul that is Dubtek.  A sort of  classic sinful hopping funk, graces his tracks, as he gains fuel from jazz, grunge, metal, hip hop and North Indian Classical.
Dubtek’s early work of faster breakcore and experimental on the IDM level, settled into Dubstep by way of Drum & Bass.
Producing for half a decade now, Dubtek’s debut 2008 singles released on Shift (Recordings), were inevitably followed by the dark roar of 2009’s, Apparition EP also on Shift.  That of which catapulted him into the category of reputable producers.  It received play from top names worldwide and was a top seller proven by sales on multiple record outlets.
His Debut 12″ out on Terminal Dusk brought forth much praise and marked 2010 as a year of break through for the young technician. It was followed by another 12″, that was a remix for Shift later that year, along with several releases on Paradise Lost, Stoke Audio and Alterkation.  His bass creations waiting to shine are multiple 12’s for Paradise Lost, Terminal Dusk, Trust in Music, Vicious Audio and Requiem and digital releases for Gradient, Sub Pressure and Hypnosis.
Also brewing, are remixes and collaborations with Droid Sector, Niveau Zero, Matta, B1t Crunch3r and an army of inspiring acts, that are guaranteed to melt your faces and rattle your chests.
Dubtek is never slowing down with his relentless efforts in the studio, nonetheless please do come prepared for a crate of fresh original compositions.   With this he has warmed up for dubstep’s biggest names like Caspa, N Type, Boxcutter, Babylon System, 16bit and 12th Planet.  Receiving support from some of the industries leading talent and record labels, it’s affirmative that he delivers a slew of the most upfront dubstep that is to come.