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Bunny On Acid



Bunny On Acid (Izik Finley) is a DJ/Producer from Jerusalem. He started his musical path at the age of 15, playing bass guitar in several local acts, and later stinting as a computer games music producer. Though he was already playing around with a bit of D’n’B productions for a while, it was only a after a revelatory visit to DMZ at Brixton’s Mass, that Izik created the Bunny On Acid moniker, influenced by the dubstep movement and the FlyLo-like fringes of the hip-hop world.
While immersing himself deeper into music software and production techniques, Bunny also started establishing himself as a DJ – carving a niche for dubstep in the stale nightlife of Jerusalem, as part of the local Red Eye Familia Crew. From throwing small underground parties in town, they have managed to expand within a few months and now host parties with international DJs such as Cotti, Stagga & Deejay Steaz.
Locked in the studio while not DJing, Bunny on Acid is now focusing on his debut album, influenced by 2-Step, Dubstep, Drum & Bass and Garage mutations – trying to expand on those, taking them into further spaces in & outside the club scenario.