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-Emerging from a background in audio engineering and metal production, 3rdeye began experimenting with drum and bass production in 2005 as well as establishing himself as a DJ supporting artists as diverse as Concord Dawn, Artificial Intelligence, High Contrast, Mindscape, Black Sun Empire, Big Bud and Calyx. Now considered one of the leading lights of the Australian dubstep scene, 3rdeye has been grounded in the movement since debut track ‘Irish Wind’ garnered widespread acclaim in 2007. He is submerged in the deeper side of the genre with a soulful, diverse, and everexpanding sound. 3rdeye’s detailed productions point to a wide range of influences – the lush chords and crackles of dubtechno, the atmosphere and melody of deep drum and bass, to the stark minimalism and enveloping sub-bass of early dubstep. He also draws influence from personal experiences, art, philosophy, dreams, and film in order to create his cinematic, emotionally charged soundscapes. 3rdeye’s style is never static, and this is reflected in a healthy release schedule on a variety of internationally renowned labels including Requiem Audio, Stoke Audio, Twenty/Twelve Recordings, Sub Continental Dub, Gamma Audio, Case Records and Echodub.

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