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Mr. Mist/Nativ(BE)



-Singer/Songwriter, Composer, Producer & MC, Robert De Haan aka Mr. Mist aka Nativ has been quietly building his portfolio of creations under both his names. As Mr Mist he brings a soulful approach, blending electronic music and R & B influences into a cohesive and original package. Meanwhile as Nativ he explores a darker side of electronic music incorporating his deep style with a minimal approach delivered in a Mid Tempo and Drum & Bass format. Both directions find Robert pulling from his musical influences to create a style that is his own.

Mr. Mist’s debut EP release ‘III’ is set for early 2015 with some free music and 2 singles lined up for 2014. His music as Nativ has enjoyed support from Loxy, Fre4nc, Gremlinz, Hydro, & Bredren just to name a few.

Mr. Mist